Noor Holding

Noor Holding was established in 1978 as a privately-owned company. It manages a portfolio of investments which are diversified across asset classes, geographies and industries.

Based in Kuwait, Noor Holding is committed to serving as a link between the global economy and the Middle East. It pursues investments around the world in private or public markets. Its investment decisions are backed by extensive research, due diligence and professional portfolio management. 
As a long-standing investor, Noor Holding has forged strategic alliances with a wide array of industry leaders and plays an important role in the corporate sector of the GCC.

Through representation on the boards of a number of its portfolio companies, Noor Holding assists the management of these companies in creating and maximizing shareholder value with a long-term perspective.

Noor Holding looks forward to continue being an influential economic actor in the region and beyond.