Bridging Global Investments and Middle Eastern Growth

Established in 1978, Noor Holding is a privately-owned investment firm with a rich history of managing a diversified portfolio across various asset classes, geographies, and industries. Based in Kuwait, Noor Holding serves as a vital link between the global economy and the Middle East, strategically pursuing investments worldwide in both private and public markets.

With over four decades of experience, Noor Holding’s investment strategies are underpinned by rigorous research, comprehensive due diligence, and expert portfolio management. The firm has built robust strategic alliances with industry leaders and holds a significant position in the corporate sector of the GCC.

Noor Holding actively participates in the governance of its portfolio companies through board representations, aiding in the strategic management to enhance and maximize shareholder value with a forward-looking approach.

As we move further into 2024, Noor Holding remains committed to being a key economic player in the region and beyond, continually adapting to global market dynamics and fostering sustainable growth for the future.

Noor Holding at Al Hamra Tower

Noor Holding is headquartered on the 65th floor of the iconic Al Hamra Tower in Kuwait. As the tallest and most prestigious building in the country, Al Hamra Tower offers a prime location that underscores Noor Holding’s commitment to excellence and strategic positioning.

Located in the heart of Kuwait City, Al Hamra Tower is a symbol of modern architectural achievement and business prestige. This central location provides Noor Holding with a vantage point for overseeing its global investments while staying connected to the vibrant economic activities within the Middle East. The state-of-the-art facilities and panoramic views from the 65th floor create an inspiring environment for our team to innovate and excel in managing a diversified portfolio.

  • Mission

    To strategically bridge the global economy with the Middle East by managing a diversified portfolio of investments. Through rigorous research, due diligence, and professional portfolio management, we aim to create sustainable growth and maximize shareholder value while fostering long-term strategic alliances and contributing to economic development.

  • Vision

    To be a leading global investment firm recognized for our strategic insights, influential economic presence, and commitment to fostering sustainable growth. We envision a future where Noor Holding continues to drive innovation and prosperity across the Middle East and beyond, shaping the economic landscape through forward-thinking investments.

  • Integrity

    Upholding the highest ethical standards in all our dealings and ensuring transparency and accountability in our investment practices.

  • Excellence

    Committing to superior performance and continuous improvement, striving for excellence in research, due diligence, and portfolio management.

  • Innovation

    Embracing innovation and seeking out opportunities that drive economic growth and create long-term value for our stakeholders.

  • Partnership

    Building and nurturing strategic alliances with industry leaders to leverage collective expertise and achieve shared success.

  • Sustainability

    Investing with a long-term perspective, prioritizing sustainable growth and responsible investment practices that benefit both our stakeholders and the broader community.

  • Commitment

    Demonstrating unwavering dedication to our mission, vision, and stakeholders, and consistently delivering on our promises to drive economic progress.


At the helm of Noor Holding is Wahab, the Chairman and CEO, whose visionary leadership has transformed the family office into a global investment powerhouse. With a robust background in private equity, venture capital, real estate, asset management, and restructurings, Wahab's expertise and strategic foresight drive the firm’s success. His entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic dedication further enhance his distinguished career, making him a pivotal figure in the investment landscape.


Noor Holding seamlessly blends the strength and stability of a long-established institution with the agility of a family-owned business. Equipped with the financial prowess to engage in significant transactions and the resilience to navigate market fluctuations, Noor Holding swiftly seizes emerging opportunities. By combining independent analysis with insights from esteemed external experts, and fostering a culture of excellence and openness, Noor Holding has consistently achieved exceptional growth. A testament to its strategic vision, Noor Holding has supported Capitoria, a contemporary asset management and advisory firm specializing in venture capital and special situations.